Explore The Unknown

There are some of us that are on journeys in life that take us into the heart of the unknown. Fret with fear, we push on, we persevere, we draw from courage within even when our friends, family and lovers don't quite get it.

That journey could be your desire to lose weight, change cities, change jobs, travel the world alone, become a more mindful person or leave a relationship that no longer feels right. Just like humankind's inevitable  journey into outer space, these journey's are no different and require the same type of resilience Shawna Pandya spoke of during her Ted Talk. That's the definition of exploring the unknown. It is the same wither that's exploring space or commiting to lose those final few pounds in your weight loss journey.

We keep this in mind as we share and produce some of the products we know you'll love. From the Space Travel Yoga Pants to some of the best Space Art you'll find anywhere, our desire is for this to be a shared community of people exploring the unknown together.

"I think the idea of doing something that's so adventurous really pushes the bounds of exploration. I just love doing these things - I love exploration, I love adventure" - Shawna Pandya

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