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I think the idea of doing something that's so adventurous really pushes the bounds of exploration. I just love doing these things - I love exploration, I love adventure" - Shawna Pandya, physician and the third woman of Indian origin in space.

Space Travel Yoga Pants

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A Parting Gift

Thanks for visiting our Store! As a parting gift, we would like to leave you with a little something. The Solar Republic seeks to become a catalyst for not only space exploration but also a celebration of the human experience in that context. What better way to celebrate that experience through music?

Music naturally enhances our minds, bodies, and improves our general well being. When you're on the last leg of that long jog, music provides focus to see you through; it helps you wake in the morning like a fresh aromatic cup of coffee...after a long day at the office, it relaxes you, clears your mind. Music helps you cope the curve balls life seems to throw at us on a routine basis.

With that being said, we give our playlist a listen. The Solar Republic - Year of the Sun playlist is meant to be a soundtrack for not only space exploration, but the human experience. Good for a variety of moods and situations, we're positive you'll enjoy it! Sit back, relax and take a listen.

Year of the Sun Playlist