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The Solar Republic Card Game - The Solar Republic
The Solar Republic Card Game - The Solar Republic
The Solar Republic Card Game - The Solar Republic

The Solar Republic Card Game

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The Solar Republic space card game is based on a future in which humankind has become space-faring and technological advanced. We continue to explore the Solar System and uncover secrets of the unknown that awaits. All the while, our appetite for conflict, aggression, and war remains as strong as ever. The Solar System has become a cluster of feudalist republics vying for power and natural resources. You are tasked by the new world capital, Geneva with uniting these warring factions of a divided Solar System under one throne.

You have three goals. Demonstrate your Prowess. Explore the Unknown. Conquer the Solar System.

The Sun, the planets and their moons each carry a distinct symbol and numbers that determine their value during these conflicts. While the card names and symbols are interesting, understanding the planetary suits and corresponding numbers are all you need to know to play. Aggression and a penchant for chance taking is how you win the game.

  • First-time release of Moon symbols, after years of work and intelligent design, they are finally here!
  • Slick, minimalist design you'll be eager to show off at your next game party, family event or trip to the bar after class!
  • Impress your friends with your new Solar System knowledge!
  • Learn about the intriguing Moons of our Solar System and their symbols, but your girlfriend won't need to know any of them to beat you at your game!
  • Stay tuned for new Collector's Edition Cards corresponding to new Solar System minor planets and Moons..but pay close attention, you'll only find them as Easter Eggs online!
  • Sign-up to receive bi-weekly exerts from the Story of The Solar Republic and how we traversed the unknown, explored new worlds and settled on Solar System.
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    Card Box Size: 2.25 x 3.5 x 1.62 in
    Box Contents: 52 Cards
    Card Size: Poker Deck, 2.5 x 3.5 in
    Game Mechanics: Trick-Taking, Hand Management and Take That. Collection with (Mechanics as listed from Board Game Geek)
    Players: 4
    Game Time: 10 - 30 mins
    Ages: Ages 8+